Vegan Amino Tabs from Vegan Traveler Nutrition

Vegan Amino Tabs from Vegan Traveler Nutrition
Vegan Amino Tabs from Vegan Traveler Nutrition Vegan Amino Tabs from Vegan Traveler Nutrition (click images to enlarge)

Vegan Amino Tabs from Vegan Traveler Nutrition

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Description of Vegan Amino Tabs from Vegan Traveler Nutrition

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Manufacturer Description

Vegan Amino Tabs consist of an optimized balance of Organic Pumpkin, Pea and Brown Rice proteins specially designed to be a travel-friendly supplement to the Vegan diet. With the right intake, Vegan diets can be just as amino complete as animal-based diets, dispelling any concern of dietary nitrogen deficiency that can result from some diets. Especially when on travel and poor selections often leave us having to settle for light meals of mostly carbs and fat, Vegan Travel Tabs are a perfect compliment to the busy Vegan's lifestyle. Keep them at the office, home, or with you whenever you're on-the-go and you'll never have to worry about amino deficiency again. Other vegan proteins that don't disclose their amino spectrum are almost always deficient in one amino acid or another, even blended formulas, but Vegan Travel Tabs are carefully optimized to meet every amino acid requirement reported by the World Health Organization (Table 23, page 150) in their most recent 2007 Report. We at VTN care very deeply about leveling the barriers in the way to adopting the Vegan way of life, and we believe that anyone with the ambition to start the journey should be rewarded with a reliable product that's convenient and effective.

Product Features

1000mg Vegan Protein Supplement 100% Vegan 100% Soy Free 25-50% of all Daily Amino Acid Requirements* (2007 World Health Organization Report) Free international shipping for all qualified orders!